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Sally Dick and Jane
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Dick and Jane books

The original vintage Dick and Jane books are an important and positive part of many childhoods, past and present.

Sally, Dick, Jane, Puff, Tim and Spot, Mother and Father. We remember the adorable children and pets well, they are still wonderful book and readers for today's children to learn from.

The photo to the right is the beautiful Zerna Sharp, the Mother of Dick and Jane.  To read more about Zerna and other Dick and Jane authors, click here.

Zerna Sharp, Mother of Dick and Jane

Dick and Jane

Above, our original Dick and Jane pages are shown matted (for example) and ready for framing.  Each page is from vintage original Dick and Jane books and ready for matting and framing.  Adorable and nostalgic, they make very unique gifts All pages are out of original vintage Dick and Jane Pre-Primer books and are packaged to protect.

To Order our matted pages ready for framing,
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Dick and Jane Illustrations Vintage Wall Art Decor Prints Vintage Matted Original Pages
Above:   Vintage Page from the 1950's Pre-Primer, The New We Look and See
Ready for your choice of mat and frame.

To Order our matted pages ready for framing,
please visit our "new" TagNwag store on Etsy, here

Dick and Jane books

We also offer information and history on the loved Sally Dick and Jane series and the creators. I have many wonderful Dick and Jane original vintage pages matted original Dick and Jane Pre-Primers that are ready for framing, and working on adding matting pages from other vintage children's Alice and Jerry books, Tom and Susan books by Ginn, and MANY other vintage school readers.

Dick and Jane Books

"Dick and Jane®" is a registered trademark of Addison-Wesley, Pearson Educational Publishers, Inc. Any questions regarding Dick and Jane copyright should be directed to Addison-Wesley Publishers.

Don't miss my Dick and Jane Creators & Authors section
with lots of photos and information on the key Dick and Jane creators.

Many parents today are using the Dick and Jane books, the vintage original school books, and other vintage readers, to teach their children to read. The Dick and Jane series is still a wonderful learning tool for all children and children with learning difficulties and disabilities, even adults with learning disabilities learn to read well when given a Dick and Jane book.

To read more on the history of Sally, Dick and Jane, click here.

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