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Elson-Gray Basic Readers Primer Set
Primer, Book One, Book Two and Book Four
1936 Dick and Jane Seri
Rare Basic Readers

An adorable and rare set of 4 books, 1st Editions of the Elson Gray Basic Readers. The Primer, Book One, Two and Four. One of the very sought after stories in the Primer is about very well remembered little dog, Happy, which was originally published in the book "Charlie and His Puppy Bingo" in 1927.

Other stories in theses are authored by Dorothy Baruch, Miriam Clark Potter, Gertrude Smith, Nancy Byrd Turner, Helen Hill and Violet Maxwell, Jessie Lathrop, and Caroline Emerson's, The Merry-Go-Round.

A scarce & very charming vintage book set, a nostalgic part of history and the beginning of Dick and Jane.

Stories & Condition

Elson-Gray PRIMER

The Birthday,
by Nancy Turner
Happy Runs Away,
by Hill & Maxwell
Nancy and the Basket,
by Jane L. Hoxie
Spot and the Red Ball,
by Clara G. Dennis
Billy Helps Nancy,
by Hill & Maxwell
Ned and the Grandmother,
by Marion Wathen

Play Time
The Old, Old Doll,
by Jessie Lathrop
The Sand-Box,
by Dorothy Baruch
Patty and Her Penny,
by Miriam C. Potter
The Surprise Party,
a Folk Tale
Alice and Her Mother,
a Folk Tale

Birds and Animals
Billy and the Nuts,
by Edna P. Brett
Little Rabbit,
by Clara G. Dennis
A Home in the Tree,
Boston Kg. Stories
The Snow Picnic,
by James Deehan
Bobby and the Apples,
by Kate W. Patch

Happy Day Stories
How Patty Said Thank You,
Emilie Poulsson
The Little Christmas Tree,
by Mary McDowell
Red Hen and the Valentine,
by Eleanor F. Pease
The Easter Surprise,
by Frances M. Fox

Dinner in the Garden
The Merry-Go-Round,
Caroline Emerson
The Very Big Basket,
by Elsie Parrish
Dark Pony,
a Folk Tale

Pets, Toys, and Play
The Toy Elephant, by Esther M. Ames
Bunny Boy, by Edna Whiteman
Fun in the Snow, by Mark Francis
Fun in the Sun, by Gertrude Smith
My See-Saw, by Rowena B. Bennett
The Wind and the Toys, by Maizie Barney

Animal and Birds
Bunny Plays a Trick, by Clara G. Dennis
A Surprise for Bobby, by Carolyn S. Bailey
The Bluejay Tree, by Madge A. Bigham
Little Bear and the Honey, by Anne Gage
The Circus Elephant, by Beatricke H. Oxley
Little Duck Says Quack, by Marjorie M. La Fleur

Elson-Gray BOOK ONE

Just For Fun
Carlo and the Big Bird, by Mary W. Thompson
Mother Pig's Joke, by Lorena Baker
The Gum-Drop Tree, by Alice C. Dunn
The Little Rooster, by Charles B. Loomis
The Boy and His Goats, a Norse Tale

Little Workers
The Little Errand Girl, by Joyce L. Brisley
A Surprise for Mother, by Eilene Odell
Billy Goes to School, by Anne Gage
The Busy Bees, by Gertrude Crampton
Paddy Bear, by Helen A. Monsell

Old Tales
The Lambkin, a Tale from India
Johnny-Cake, an English Tale
Sweet Porridge, a Folk Tale
The Billy Goats Gruff, a Norse Tale
The Little Red Hen, an Old Tale

Happy Day Stories
A Glad Thanksgiving, by Frances M. Fox
The Christmas Fairy, by Edna V. Riddleberger
The Old Flag, by Carolyn S. Bailey
Our Flag, by Eleanore Hatch
The White Easter Bunny, by Dorothy Baruch
Easter Time, by Rowena B. Bennett

Elson-Gray BOOK TWO

Boys and Girls
How Dandy Got Home
Molly's First Party
How Tom Went to the Fair
The Surprise Pie
The Bear and the Children
My Shadow
The Magic Word

Out of Doors
Good Morning
The Woodpecker's Bank
How the Wren Family Moved
The North Wind
The Bears' Picnic
White Satin
Bright Eyes and the Acorn

Just For Fun
The Rabbit Who Wanted Wings
Mrs. Goose's Party
The Apple Tree
Little Mouse Sees the World
The Camel and the Pig
The Fairy Shoemaker
The Three Pigs

Big and Little Workers
The Red Wagon
Gradmother's Churn
The Postman
How the First Dishes Were Made
Little Pig and His Garden

Old Tales
The Old Woman and the Cakes
The Star Dipper
Jack and the Beanstalk
The Animals That Found a Home
The Lad and the North Wind

Brave and True Stories
The Little Cook
Abraham Lincoln and His Dog
What the Flag Says
How Nan Saved Sally
The Young Fireman

Happy Day Stories
The Halloween Cat
The Dolls' Thanksgiving Dinner
The Golden Spider Webs
The Story of the Easter Rabbit

Elson-Gray BOOK FOUR

The Outdoor World
Nature Can Tell Us Secrets
Bunnyboy Learns a Lesson
Mishook, the Brown Bear Cub
Six Little Sheep
A Day with a Partridge Family
A Bird House for Rent
For All Little Birds
Peter Rabbit Saves the Columbine
The Tinker Plants a Tree
The Wind
The Wonderful World
A Backward Look

Little American Citizens
You Can Help Your Country
Anne Randolph, A Brave American Girl
Sally's Sash
The Song of the Flag
Jonathan Bartlett, a Pioneer Lad
How Andy Helped His Team
Safety First in the City
A Backward Look

Boys and Girls of Other Lands
Every Child of Every Land
Every Land Has Its Little Citizens
Alice Travels in Jungleland
Moni and His Goats
Tonino Takes His Pottery to the Fair
Ting Fang Wins the Sandal Race
The Little Toy Land of the Dutch
A Backward Look

Stories Everyone Should Know
Everyone LIkes a Good Story
The Miraculous Pitcher
A Dog of Flaunders
A Backward Look

Busy Workers and Their Work
We Must Wake and Work
Hundreds of People Work for You
Benjamin Franklin's Iron Stone
Oranges, America's Golden Harvest
Sheep-Sheering on Nantucket Island
Earning a Playground
Rob's First Blackfish Drive
A Backward Look

Famous Heroes of Long Ago
Long Ago and Far Away
Every Land Has Its Heroes
Beowulf, the Brave Prince
Sigurd, the Young Warrior
Roland, the Noble Knight
A Backward Look

Holidays and Festivals
Christmas in the Heart
Holidays Are Remembering Days
Remembering Day
The First Thanksgiving Day
A Surprise Christmas
The Christmas Fairy and Scrooge
A New Year's Leaf
Hearts Were Made to Give Away
Who Shall Be May Queen?
A Backward Look
Good Books to Read

Book Conditions
VERY GOOD CONDITION - The covers are very good with light rubbung and light fray to bottom corners. Bindings are good and strong. No names to the Primer, Book One, Two and Foun have name neatly written inside front cover, no school stamps. Pages are very good and bright, very light use showing. Primer has small intact circular tears to first few title page stories in center, no other tears found to any books. No writing to any pages and no markings. Colors are very bright and vivid. A gorgeous set of 4 books, very nostalgic and charming and hard to find this nice. Wonderful books for collecting, reminiscing and home school.

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