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The New Fun with Dick and Jane, 1956
With Sally, Dick, and Jane ~ Primer
Popular 1st Grade Book
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This is a gorgeous copy of the popular 1950's 1st grade Primer, designed to fit the early reading needs of children jsut beginning to learn to sentences, normally during the 1st semester of first grade and followed the 3 Pre-Primers, The New We Look and See, The New We Come and Go, and The New We Work and Play. With 191 pages of adorable stories and charming watercolor 1950's illustrations.

Beautifully illustrated on each page by well-known artist Keith Ward. With Sally, Dick & Jane, Puff & Spot.

Stories & Condition

Look Up,
Up and Down
Who Is It?
Dick Helps Sally
Something Pretty
We Three
We Make Something
Where Is Sally?
Jane Helps Mother
Do What I Do

Spot and the Blue Ball
Two Pets
Fun for Little Quack
Little Rabbit,
Sally Talks,
The Toy Farm,
In and Out
Who Wants a Toy?
A Doll for Jane

A Funny Ride
At the Farm
The Pony
A New Family
Spot is Big
Puff Wants to Play
Funny Funny Sally
Good-by to the Farm

Sally Finds Friends
Who Can Find It?
Can You Guess?
The Funny House
A Ride with Mother
What Sally Saw
Fun at School
Pets at School

VERY GOOD CONDITION - The covers are very good, bright and clean, with light rubbing to corners, and a small light dent to the bottom front cover, seen in photo. Empty state bookplate inside front cover. No writing, no names. Very faint 1/2 inch water stain inside front cover at top and on first blank page and inside back cover, left light barely noticable ripple at top. Not sure this book was used, the binding is very tight. The pages are white and bright. No page tears found, no storage smells, and no missing pages. Illustrations are bright and colors are vivid. A gorgeous book, very hard to find this nice, and which would be excellent and mint without the faint water stain.

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